Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Scavenger Hunt

I'm fashionably late for this month's collection as I've been occupied with other things, so much so I haven't blogged for a month!  Do forgive me, I am hoping normal service will be resumed soon.

September's List


What a tangled web we weave........ahem.


 The bike in the foreground looks as though it could be a tad uncomfortable !


 Nets protect the strawberries from being scoffed by greedy critters.


A £3 bunch from Aldi, still beautiful 10 days after purchase.


The best I could do!


Impending excitement!


So many possibilities for this category and I came up with this!


Computer games have this effect on my nephew!


The flap of this envelope...decorated by rubber stamps at a craft show


 I regularly cycle through farmland on my bike rides and shot this wheat field earlier this year.
Google suggests it is dreamy. 



I took this on a beautiful day in the summer....remember that?

Whatever you want

Pea green

Do head over to Made With Love where you can see the other entries and prompts for October and why not have a go yourself?.......Yes Géraldine, I think you should! 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Scavenger Hunt

Here in the South of England the summer seems to have fast-forwarded to autumn a bit bloody early for my liking.  The fair days in August were few and far between and outdoors photo taking opportunities were limited, hence some of the following are from my archives. I have to admit I struggled with a couple this month but being challenged is a good thing, eh?  Thanks to Greenthumb as always for hosting the hunt.

August's List



 erm..........the horizon?


 This ornate, but faded square gate caught my eye.


 A supermarket shot....this one's cracked it in terms of variety of fruit and veg.



This sailor statue stands on the bow of a boat above the doorway to the
 Crown & Anchor pub in Shoreham, West Sussex.  I was here with friends just four days before the horrifying air show tragedy.

.... is what a cuppa and a cake bring me.

(Almost)  Forgotten

 Although the last day of August was only yesterday, I've all but forgotten about summer.
Here in the UK it seemed to end some weeks ago and there's been perpetual precipitation ever since.  This photo was taken in Vendée in June.


 Believe me, this shop was packed!  Strange that people have nothing better to do on a Bank Holiday than shop,  Me?....I had an appointment with the optician.


 Banging on about the weather again...the relentless rain.


My neighbours' cat Sonny.  I went in to keep him company from time to time while they were on holiday.  He didn't even mind when I absentmindedly called him Prudy.

Whatever you want

Something now to give you a laugh.  Me in my brand new Girl Guide uniform (plus slippers) in the early seventies.  I was in the Kingfisher patrol but around the age of 13 I decided I was too cool for Guides, and left.

Why not join in next month, here's the subjects.

September's List
Whatever you want

Monday, 17 August 2015


I've been a slack blogger lately, there's no two ways about it. It's been a bit hectic with one thing or the other.  Last weekend I planned to do a car boot sale, I loaded up the car with all my tat (actually, mostly dad's which I made him get rid of!) then the bloody car wouldn't start so my plans were scuppered.  One week and a new starter motor later I got to the car boot.

Lots of sellers, lots of buyers, but not many sales, my loss will be the chazza's gain.

    I realized this week that I hadn't shown you my French buys d'occasion.  I revisited lovely Thierry at his Brocante in Corpe, he was just as affable and welcoming as last year although this time I only made a couple of purchases and found myself apologizing for not buying more.  Here's what came home with me.
  cat and glass jug €5

Back home I found a vintage floral sheet in A1 condition for £3

God knows what I'll do with it, after my skirt sewing experience last year I am not keen to make another garment but perhaps I could knock up some cushion covers, what thinks you? 
Another recent bargain although not second-hand was this cheerful Aldi doormat, a no-brainer at three quid something. 

I've been having a bit of a clear out at home, hence the car boot but there's always room for a crocheted bit of nonsense strung across the fireplace isn't there?

I was inspired to make this daisy garland after seeing the gorgeous one Kate Eastwood made here.  Hers is far more profesh than mine, my daisies are slightly different and I reinforced my chain with slipstitches. I used cheapo yarn from my stash as I wasn't sure if I would understand the pattern but the garland would deffo benefit from some quality cotton yarn so I might attempt another one next year.

I'm currently engaged in knitting... looking ahead to the dreaded thing that happens at the end of the year.

As soon as the sun appears I'm out there with my needles, I even got a few rows in at the car boot fair.
I've also been out on the bike when I can, trying to shift a few pounds and making the most of the last days of summer...

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted some cards on the mantelpiece above my garland.  I had a  birthday last week and at the weekend I went to the local Italian with family.

Just as I was en route to the loo a waitress appeared with a candle-adorned offering. I was summoned back to the table where staff clutching tambourines assembled around and sang me Happy Birthday.  I had a gob full of profiterole when this photo was taken!

This was No.1 in the hit parade the week I was born.........yeah I'm that old!.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt - July

I got my arse in gear this month and managed to put together a selection of photos for Greenthumbs's Scavenger Hunt.

D is for?

Strictly speaking a Leucanthemum, aka Shasta Daisy


eyed.......... and legless?


 I snapped this tiny puss on the edge of an upstairs window sill in France.


 I'm not sure what these are...chimney pots perhaps?  Anyways, they're cylindrical!


  I snapped this little boy at Les Sables d'Olonne where several children were having great fun playing in the water jets.


  This redundant church that I stumbled upon last year definitely had an air of mystery.



 I thought this French advertisement for haemorrhoid cream was mildly amusing...although perhaps I should have used it for the following category...???


 Not imaginative at all but the best I could do..the pub's wood pile



 Muddle Towers at night time

Whatever you want

 I quite like religious statues but I thought this one, seen in a French church, was hideous.
Who does it remind you of....?  Suggestions below please.

  Do take a squizz at the other link ups over at Made With Love and why not join in next month? 

Whatever you're doing, enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Heatwave Holiday

As you'd expect on a French holiday we visited a few markets...it would be rude not to.  The neighbouring town of Fontenay-le Comte has a good one on a Saturday so off we went.  It was fairly bustling and the stall holders were generally very friendly and tolerated my hesitant French with good humour.  

The indoor food market was particularly interesting and highlighted the different way that we and the French think about food.

 Outside were lots more stalls. where I was tempted by a basket.

After a café créme we wandered around the town and I spent ages in the Yves Rocher shop where they had 50% off on selected items.  I bought several products for a friend's birthday and asked if they did 'un paquet cadeau' ...another thing that I like about France.  Leaving the shop we noticed this vending machine in the street

for al-fresco fornication peut-être ?

Before heading back to our cottage we stopped at the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame, founded in the 12th century as an Augustinian monastery.

 L'Ile de Ré was next on our list.

 This was my 5th visit to this part of the world and for some reason....(probably the toll to cross the bridge, tightarse) I'd never yet made it there.  I'd heard many times that it was a very pretty little island and it did not disappoint.

Real estate on the island is expensive and the native population has been widely criticized for its insular nature and unfriendly attitude to immigrants.  We enjoyed a delicious meal on the quayside at St Martin de Ré and watched the affluent locals... easily distinguishable from us riff raff tourists!

We spent all day on the island in scorching temperatures learning of its maritime history and donkeys in 'trousers'!

In days gone by the donkeys worked at the salt mines on the island and in order to protect their legs from mosquitos and flies so abundant there, they wore these gingham trousers. These days donkeys in trousers are a tourist attraction.

On our way back to the village we stopped off at a fabulous brocante at Nalliers.  Regrettably I can't show you just how amazing it was because I left my camera in the car.  There was just so much there I didn't know where to start.  Best of all was the plethora of vintage sewing notions and clothes.  On another day I could have spent hours in there but on that day it was 41 degrees and I left, very hot and bothered, after half an hour with just a couple of old tins.

Later in the week we visited the coast about an hour away, it was very quiet everywhere as les grandes vacances, the French summer holidays, had yet to start.

En route we stopped off at this local dam opened in the 50's when many locals would have been employed here.  Nowadays the buildings and machinery lie redundant as the dam is computer operated and it seemed rather eery although the surrounding scenery was spectacular.

The remainder of our holiday was very laid back as France was experiencing a heatwave. Every time you turned on the telly there were warnings about la canicule and my old Renault without any a/c was sweltering.   We rested in the cottage garden and enjoyed the wildlife....the goats that appeared behind the house in the morning who regarded us quizzically, a woodpecker in the cherry tree, an inquisitive red squirrel and loads of lithe lizards.

 We read, I crocheted... and finished a blanket, drank beers galore and generally lazed around in the enervating heat.

I thoroughly enjoyed my fortnight in Vendée and would have loved to stay all summer long.

It must be time to start planning my next trip !